"Some individuals have argued that crossing species boundaries is unnatural, immoral, and in violation of God’s laws." Some also argue that genetic engineering interferes with Mother Nature.

"Various bioethicists, environmentalists, and animal rights activists have argued that it is wrong to create “monsters” or animals that would suffer as a result of genetic alternation (for example, a pig with no legs), and that such experimentation should be banned." Also, activists say it is wrong to mutate animals in order to possibly find a disease and a cure.

Ethics Citation 1

"The International Olympic Committee has expressed concern that athletes will soon employ genetic engineering to get an edge. If individuals are willing to genetically manipulate their children to make them better athletes, then it’s likely individuals will be willing to manipulate their children to be brighter, better looking, more musically inclined, or whatever the parents think would give them an advantage."

"Opponents of genetic manipulation argue that by allowing this we run the risk of creating a race of superhumans, changing what it means to be normal and increasing the ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots."

Ethics Citation 1


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